Drosophila melanogaster (dm3) Predictions

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These are de novo predictions using the following informants (UCSC genome IDs):

  • droSim1
  • droSec1
  • droYak2
  • droEre2
  • droAna3
  • dp4
  • droPer1
  • droWil1
  • droVir3
  • droMoj3
  • droGri2
  • anoGam1
  • apiMel3
  • triCas2

The set of known genes was the Drosophila Gold Collection, containing 5935 genes and 5935 transcripts. CONTRAST predicts 13504 genes in this genome. The accuracy of these predictions was estimated using a holdout set. Please note the specificity measures are (possibly severe) underestimates, as all predictions not matching a known annotation were counted as incorrect.

Estimated Accuracy
Gene Sensitivity74.63%
Gene Specificity30.86%
Exon Sensitivity90.05%
Exon Specificity33.31%
Nucleotide Sensitivity97.96%
Nucleotide Specificity36.02%

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