Human (hg18) Predictions

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These are de novo predictions using the following informants (UCSC genome IDs):

  • rheMac2
  • mm8
  • rn4
  • oryCun1
  • canFam2
  • bosTau2
  • dasNov1
  • loxAfr1
  • echTel1
  • monDom4
  • galGal2

The set of known genes was CCDS, containing 16008 genes and 18290 transcripts. CONTRAST predicts 26136 genes in this genome. The accuracy of these predictions was estimated using a holdout set. Please note the specificity measures are (possibly severe) underestimates, as all predictions not matching a known annotation were counted as incorrect.

Estimated Accuracy
Gene Sensitivity56.65%
Gene Specificity37.87%
Exon Sensitivity93.53%
Exon Specificity66.13%
Nucleotide Sensitivity97.54%
Nucleotide Specificity66.35%

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